Bedarra Bliss

If you are looking for a romantic beach holiday where you can totally check-out in absolute barefoot luxury, then Bedarra Island Resort may just be the ticket.

This was our second trip to Bedarra Island Resort (‘Bedarra’).  Our first trip was in October 2016 for our 25th wedding anniversary and literally within a week of arriving home, we booked another 5 nights over the Easter break.

Bedarra is an adults only resort (massive tick) and accommodates 18 couples in 9 extremely private villas each boasting water views.  The one thing I like about this place is although it is uber luxurious, it is also very low-key in terms of its casualness.  So there is no need to worry about what you are wearing.  In fact, if you wore a sarong or shorts for your entire trip, no-one would bat an eye lid.  I also like the fact that you can be as private as you want.  There is no communal dining which means the only people you really only have to engage with are the staff who are all incredible by the way.

WHO goes to Bedarra? You are probably thinking cashed up old farts but no, it is a good mix of young and old.  On our first trip we had a number of younger couples who got married at the resort, couples on their honeymoon and couples on their 25th wedding anniversary.  On this trip, there were three couples on their ‘babymoon’ as well as couples enjoying the Easter break just like us.

Bedarra is now a privately owned resort having previously been owned by Voyages Hotels and Resorts.  The owners, Sam and Kerri-Ann, are actively involved in the day-to-day running of Bedarra which is fabulous as you can see how much they care about the guests, the staff and the Island.  Sam and Kerri-Ann are supported by a wonderful team including Lance, Geoffrey and Jodee who each contributed to making both of our trips so special and memorable.

WHAT is there to do at Bedarra?  This is a place to totally check-out and sleep, read, swim, eat, drink (maybe a little too much), have a massage, spend quality time with your partner and just take-in the serenity.

For those who want a bit more action, you can help yourself to snorkelling gear, stand-up paddle boards and kayaks and for the more adventurous, take a spin in one of the motorised dinghies.  If the weather is permitting, the staff will provision you up with a picnic lunch complemented with wine, beer and champagne for a day on the high seas exploring the neighbouring islands.

There are also other activities Bedarra can arrange including boat and helicopter excursions to the Great Barrier Reef and fishing adventures.  Husband had his own fishing adventures trying his luck with his fly rod.  While husband was totally absorbed with his fishing early one morning, I decided in all my wisdom to take a kayak out for a bit of a paddle.  After a bit, I thought I would circumnavigate the Island.  Thinking it would only take 20 minutes, it actually took me about 2 hours and needless to say, I arrived back to a very distraught husband who was convinced I had either tried to make a break for it or been taken by sharks!!

WHAT about the accommodation?  The villas are fabulous.  We have stayed in two villas, one nearly on the water so you can hear the waves breaking and the second on the hill with the most amazing panorama.  There is also the option of villas with plunge pools for those seeking absolute privacy.  The villas are well-appointed with music systems, pod espresso machines, crisps, biscuits, bottled water, soft drinks, beer and wine.  This is an all-inclusive resort and there is no scrimping.  It really is incredible.  Before you arrive, you will be given a beverages menu so you can pre-select what you want stocked in your room including French champagne.

One of the things I love about this place is the long breakfasts, the long lunches and the long dinners.  Where else did we need to be?  Every meal is an experience starting with breakfast on the terrace.  I am fussy with breakfast as I like fresh berries and porridge.  This was easily accommodated by the breakfast chef.  They also had coconut water (massive tick).  Breakfast is followed by a two-course lunch, pre-dinner drinks with canapes and a three-course dinner with matched wines including dessert wine.  In addition to the tables on the main terrace, there are three private dining options which you are given the opportunity to dine at throughout your stay.  It is all very romantic.

WHERE is Bedarra?  Bedarra is midway between Cairns and Townsville, approximately 6 miles off Mission Beach.  It is a 2 hour drive south of Cairns to Mission Beach where you can take a boat launch or helicopter to Bedarra.  We choose to take the Bedarra helicopter direct from Cairns Airport which is a 45-60 minute trip depending on weather.  Apart from the fact that we love flying in helicopters and it is our little James Bond moment, it means we are off the plane, in the helicopter and then eating lunch and sipping wine by 2:00pm.  You don’t waste the day.  Whatever transfer you choose, this is all arranged by Bedarra so there is no need to stress, you just get off the plane, collect your luggage and let the Bedarra magic unfold.

Fact file:

  • Bedarra is inclusive of all food, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, use of kayaks, stand-up paddle-boards, snorkelling gear and motorised dinghies and laundry service.  More information on Bedarra can be found at:
  • Who should go to Bedarra?  Couples seeking a romantic island getaway in a relaxed idyllic setting.
  • What to do you need to take?  The answer is not much; swimmers, sunscreen, sunglasses, Panama hat, shorts and a polo shirt.  Most guests will freshen up for dinner but nothing over the top so just exchange your polo shirt for a linen shirt and your Havaianas for Italian leather sandals and all will be good.  Although the weather is extremely temperate,  I always take a wrap for the evenings.
  • Unfortunately there are marine stingers in the warm North Queensland waters.  Do not rely on this information but we have always been told that stinger season is any month with an ‘R’ in it.  We take no chances and wear stinger suits and reef shoes but in the months of October and April you’d have to be extremely unlucky for stingers to be about.  Stinger suits also double as good sun protection and can be purchased on-line.   Good information on marine stingers can be found at: